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Customer Testimonials

My ring is absolutely gorgeous! [ Mark, December 10, 2017 ]

Thank you for your professional and timely service; it exceeded my expectations. my wife loved the ring!

Excellent service! [ Michael, December 03, 2017 ]

The jewelry is beautiful and the prices are right!

Gorgeous ring [ Gregg, November 28, 2017 ]

You made my engagement shopping so much easier. you made sure i received the best customer service, a reasonable price, and an exquisite engagement ring. i didn’t know it would be possible to have it all! thanks so much.

A pleasurable experience [ Sarah, November 24, 2017 ]

The ring and pendant are so beautiful! i can\'t take my eyes off the ring and i\'m still wearing the pendant. i just can\'t thank you enough! i am happy to recommend you to everyone i know!

Gorgeous engagement ring!! [ Lisa, November 21, 2017 ]

If you are looking for that perfect engagement ring, info diamond is the way to go! thank you again, lisa.

Great pendant [ Joe, November 18, 2017 ]

An absolutely fabulous service, great high quality products and saved a bundle over traditional high street stores, could recommend info diamond more...

Loose diamond [ Lars, November 13, 2017 ]

I had to undergo 4 iterations, all chosen stone were not available anymore. however, nice personal and finally a very nice stone offered directly makes me a happy man now.

Dedicated to excellent service [ Sara, November 06, 2017 ]

Thank you for your help in the process of purchasing one of the most significant items in my life. the ring represents our love for one another and you truly understand that meaning, based on the help and knowledge you provided.

Perfect engagement ring [ Elyse, October 31, 2017 ]

The engagement ring is really excellent! we all love it soooooo much!

Beyond beautiful [ Lenny, October 24, 2017 ]

Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on my ring. the final product turned out to be more beautiful than i ever imagined!

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