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Diamond cutter, lapidary (12 links)

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 1.  Atelier la Trouvaille Atelier la Trouvaille Website  French  3,788 hits   France 

Catalog of tools and supplies for the jewelry trades and gemstones: microscopes, scales, diamond tester, loupes, refractometers, polarimeters, lamps, etc...

 2.  Bijouterie Clermont Labrecque Bijouterie Clermont Labrecque Website  French  25,072 hits   Canada 

The Clermont Labrecque Jewellery, this is not only jewels, they are also services of appraisal, creation and repairs carried out by qualified people.

 3.  Brasilian Gem's Brasilian Gem's Website  English  7,598 hits   France 

Company of fine gemstones for stones dealers and manufacfures of jewellery worldwide.

 4.  Diadamas Diadamas Website  French  English  Italian  Spanish  Russian  9,307 hits   Belgium 

We are diamond manufactures, with an experience of five generations. Yet we use the latest technologies.

 5.  Diamond Half Price Diamond Half Price Website  French  English  Spanish  5,578 hits   Israel 

Diamonds clarity enhanced with 50% discount and fancy colored diamonds.

 6.  Dimexon Dimexon Website  English  1,124 hits   India 

Dimexon has evolved to become a leading player in the Diamond industry through its presence in Diamond Cutting and Polishing, Jewellery Manufacturing and distribution.

 7.  Frenger Lapidaire Frenger Lapidaire Website  French  English  3,040 hits   France 

Lapidary of fine stones and precious stones.

 8.  Gemmes et Pierres Gemmes et Pierres Website  French  2,279 hits   France 

Offers precious stones, minerals, fossils and objects of collection. Lapidary of gemstones.

 9.  Hasenfeld - Stein Hasenfeld - Stein Website  English  2,430 hits   United States 

Hasenfeld-Stein is a DTC sightholder, this company propose loose diamonds. Manufacturer of ideal cuts, premium make princess and Asscher cuts.

 10.  Jeely Jeely Website  English  2,469 hits   India 

Diamond manufacturing company based in surat, India. They manufacture high quality bigger size diamonds. They manufacture from 50 cents to 10 carats diamonds of various shapes.

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