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 1.  Algosys Inc. Algosys Inc. Website  English  1,312 hits   Canada 

Algosys is a world leader in the provision of data reconciliation and mass balancing solutions for the mineral and petroleum processing industries.

 2.  Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) Website  French  English  2,315 hits   France 

Geological and Mineral Research Unit. Geology and Materials. Natural risks (dedicated department). Water. Environment - polluted sites and soils. Coastlines.

 3.  Coralis Coralis Website  French  2,720 hits   France 

Coralis proposes you data processing for the minings and public works.

 4.  Geosoft Geosoft Website  English  1,087 hits   Canada 

Geosoft provides geospatial solutions for earth science industries. Our software enables productive use of spatial data for essential decision-making in exploration, UXO detection, etc...

 5.  Geovariances Geovariances Website  French  English  1,133 hits   France 

Today over 200 companies and institutions sites are installed with our software package Isatis. Geovariances responds to the complex problems exposed and the extensive geographic locations of its...

 6.  M3SOFT : Logiciel Partenaire HBJO M3SOFT : Logiciel Partenaire HBJO Website  French  English  Spanish  1,511 hits   France 

Software for jewellery and diamond industry.

 7.  Odeïs Odeïs Website  French  English  1,609 hits   France 

The Odéïs software goes with the jewellery business. It meets every jewellers' requirements: retailers, sales agencies, stores, manufacturers, wholesalers, chain of stores, sale representatives, etc..

 8.  Sitia Sitia Website  French  English  1,585 hits   France 

Our company is specialised since 1986 in the development of products and services in the sector of quarries, to improve your system of production of aggregate (crusher, screen...), etc...

 9.  TTI Production TTI Production Website  French  English  2,227 hits   France 

This company provides solutions and services for Earth Observation and geosciences, using remote sensing and digital mapping technologies.


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