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 1.  ALS Chemex ALS Chemex Website  English  1,062 hits   United States 

ALS Chemex, the world's premier laboratory group for provision of analytical services to the mining and exploration industries.

 2.  Australian Laboratory Group Australian Laboratory Group Website  English  1,038 hits   Australia 

This is the global corporate headquarters for the ALS group as well as being the main office and laboratory for the Australian analytical divisions including: minerals, environmental and oils.

 3.  Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) Website  French  English  2,301 hits   France 

Geological and Mineral Research Unit. Geology and Materials. Natural risks (dedicated department). Water. Environment - polluted sites and soils. Coastlines.

 4.  CANMET - Laboratoires des Mines et des Sciences Minérales (LMSM) CANMET - Laboratoires des Mines et des Sciences Minérales (LMSM) Website  French  English  1,069 hits   Canada 

CANMET provides quality research and sound scientific advice to the mining and minerals industries, and to canadian provincial/territorial and federal government departments, etc...

 5.  Corem Corem Website  French  English  1,515 hits   Canada 

COREM specialises in the processing and the transformation of mineral substances.

 6.  Filab Filab Website  French  English  1,556 hits   France 

Fore more than 20 years, Filab, accredited by numerous organisation, has provided a large range of services to the industrial, mining and environmental fields.


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