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Prospection, mining research (13 links)

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 1.  Alluvial Exploration and Mining Alluvial Exploration and Mining Website  French  English  Spanish  1,479 hits   Canada 

Alluvial exploration and mining website tutorial. A geological engineer experienced with an exploration, or open pit mining projects in any area, language or culture.

 2.  Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) Website  French  English  2,315 hits   France 

Geological and Mineral Research Unit. Geology and Materials. Natural risks (dedicated department). Water. Environment - polluted sites and soils. Coastlines.

 3.  Foraco Foraco Website  French  English  Spanish  1,136 hits   France 

Foraco carries out drilling programmes at all latitudes and altitudes, from preliminary exploration to pre-production and reserve geometry determination.

 4.  Geo Digit Ex Geo Digit Ex Website  English  884 hits   Canada 

Geo-Digit-Ex provides geophysics consulting services to the mineral exploration industry in Canada and internationally. With over twenty years of diversified experience.

 5.  Intrafor Intrafor Website  French  English  1,172 hits   France 

Intrafor has developed extensive experience and expert know-how in all soil engineering techniques: foundations, retaining structures, soil improvement, environmental protection, soil waterproofing..

 6.  KRV - Mineral Exploration Services KRV - Mineral Exploration Services Website  English  748 hits   Canada 

If you need prospecting work done or require assessment work to be performed to maintain your mineral properties, please visit us. We also research and develop new prospects for exploration.

 7.  NW Rayner & Associates (NWR) NW Rayner & Associates (NWR) Website  English  830 hits   Canada 

This company is a firm wholly owned by consulting geologist Wally Rayner and specializes in mineral potential evaluations, geological compilations, exploration project management, land management, etc

 8.  Patricia Exploration Services Ltd Patricia Exploration Services Ltd Website  English  740 hits   Canada 

Geological contracting for mineral exploration: exploration for gold, platinum group minerals, diamonds, base metals, uranium.

 9.  Paul A. Hawkins & Associates Paul A. Hawkins & Associates Website  English  645 hits   Canada 

This company provides consulting engineering services to the Resource Industry and Government throughout Western Canada.

 10.  Rudy Wahl Rudy Wahl Website  English  893 hits   Canada 

Rudy Wahl: I am working in the Williams Mine as a Heavy Duty Mechanic and I'm Prospecting in the Hemlo area since 1989. I am a member of the Thunder Bay Prospector and Developers Association, etc...

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