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Drilling, explosives (26 links)

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 1.  Apageo Segelm Apageo Segelm Website  French  English  2,328 hits   France 

The company supplies equipments for the construction industry, more specifically for geotechnical site investigations (drilling equipment, lab and in situ soil testing equipment), etc...

 2.  Atlas Copco Atlas Copco Website  French  English  Italian  German  Spanish  3,226 hits   France 

Atlas Copco offers one of the most complete product lines of rock drills and drill rigs, all of which are designed to increase your total overall productivity.

 3.  Atlas Copco Atlas Copco Website  French  English  Italian  German  Spanish  Russian  1,212 hits   Sweden 

This company manufactures and sell products and solutions in drilling, mining and demolition.

 4.  Boart Longyear Corporate Boart Longyear Corporate Website  English  3,370 hits   South Africa 

This company is a leading supplier of products, systems and services to the natural resource industry (minerals, energy and water), the construction and quarrying industries, etc...

 5.  BTD Hausherr Bohrtechnik Gmbh BTD Hausherr Bohrtechnik Gmbh Website  English  German  1,926 hits   Germany 

This company specialises in the manufacture of machines and equipment for drilling engineering.

 6.  Continental Industrie Continental Industrie Website  French  English  Spanish  3,593 hits   France 

Continental Industrie sell all equipments for mining and underground: mines, tunnels, quarries, etc...

 7.  Eimco Llc Eimco Llc Website  English  1,555 hits   United States 

EIMCO has been in business for over 100 years designing, manufacturing, and marketing underground mining machinery to the soft ore mining industry worldwide.

 8.  Emci Emci Website  French  English  2,398 hits   France 

EMCI design and manufacture drilling equipment for the following applications: geotechnics, geophysics, micro piling, water well drilling.

 9.  Eurofor Eurofor Website  French  3,138 hits   France 

Eurofor proposes you a range of drilling equipments (new and second hand). They sell marks FURUKAWA RockDrill, MITSUBISHI Diabit, COMACCHIO, OBERMANN, MVC and HALCO.

 10.  Foraco Foraco Website  French  English  Spanish  1,136 hits   France 

Foraco carries out drilling programmes at all latitudes and altitudes, from preliminary exploration to pre-production and reserve geometry determination.

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