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Jewellery supplies (15 links)

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 1.  3DESIGN CAD 3DESIGN CAD Website  French  English  Italian  German  Spanish  Chinese  725 hits   France 

Software for 3D real-time jewelry and graphic object creation. It allows users to create and produce unique pieces and collections in a matter of days thanks to a pleasant and intuitive interface.

 2.  Bottazzi Bottazzi Website  English  Italian  8,074 hits   Italy 

This company sell: scales and packaging, gemmological instruments and jewellery equipments.

 3.  Casker Estore Casker Estore Website  English  4,905 hits   United States 

They offer a wide selection of products and services to professional jewelers and watchmakers.

 4.  Jolibijoux Jolibijoux Website  French  English  1,188 hits   France 

Manufactures its range of cleaning products for jewelry, gemstones and silverware. Catalog of products.

 5.  Kassoy Kassoy Website  English  6,369 hits   United States 

This company sell tools and supplies for the jewelry trades. Tradition and innovation for more than 65 years: scales, microscopes, loupes, diamond testers, lamps, packaging, etc...

 6.  La boutique du solaire La boutique du solaire Website  French  1,433 hits   France 

This french company sells solar revolving display units (500g to 20kg) for the jewelleries.

 7.  Minéraux et Fossiles Minéraux et Fossiles Website  French  English  12,028 hits   France 

This company sell tools and supplies for the jewelry trades: microscopes, scales, diamond tester, loupes, refractometers, polarimeters, lamps, etc...

 8.  Outilor Outilor Website  French  English  6,122 hits   France 

Specialist in jewelry tooling and accessories. Located in Lyon, France, OUTILOR delivers worldwide a full range of tooling for jewelers, setters, and engravers.

 9.  Outils Dumont Outils Dumont Website  English  1,264 hits   Switzerland 

Manufacture of Swiss precision tools like tweezers used by the gemstones and jewelry industry.

 10.  Regine Regine Website  French  English  2,420 hits   Switzerland 

This company manufactures first-rate, precision tweezers and pliers for any industrial and scientific applications. As well as an impressive range of tools available through the catalogue.

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