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 1.  African Diamond Council (ADC) African Diamond Council (ADC) Website  English  1,205 hits   South Africa 

Supreme governing body for diamond producing countries in Africa. Member countries coordinate their diamond production policies in order to help stabilize a "conflict-free" diamond market.

 2.  British Jewellery Industry British Jewellery Industry Website  English  2,265 hits   United Kingdom 

The BJA is the voice of the manufacturing jewellery industry in the UK. The BJA is one of five trade associations within the umbrella of the British Jewellery & Giftware Federation.

 3.  Chambre Nationale des Experts spécialisés en oeuvres d'Art Chambre Nationale des Experts spécialisés en oeuvres d'Art Website  French  English  2,927 hits   France 

France Antiques is exclusively devoted to the Antique Art: Experts, Antique dealers, Booksellers, Exhibitions, Editors, Restorers, Art Magazines, etc...

 4.  CIBJO CIBJO Website  English  1,871 hits   Italy 

CIBJO is the international jewellery confederation of national trade organizations. CIBJO's purpose is to encourage harmonization, promote international cooperation in the jewellery industry, etc...

 5.  Comité professionnel de développement de l'HBJO Comité professionnel de développement de l'HBJO Website  French  English  1,903 hits   France 

French organization in service of jewellers and clockmakings.

 6.  Diamond Information Centre Diamond Information Centre Website  English  1,349 hits   United Kingdom 

The Diamond Information Centre is a public relations organisation which serves to supply consumers and the press with information about diamonds and the diamond industry.

 7.  Fédération Nationale HBJO Fédération Nationale HBJO Website  French  2,648 hits   France 

The French National federation of the clock industry, jewellery and goldsmith's.

 8.  International Colored Gemstone Association International Colored Gemstone Association Website  English  1,305 hits   United States 

The International Colored Gemstone Association is a non-profit association to represent the international gemstone industry.

 9.  Jewellery & Allied Industries Training Council (JAITC) Jewellery & Allied Industries Training Council (JAITC) Website  English  1,285 hits   United Kingdom 

The JAITC was formed in early 1998 to represent jewellery manufacturers, silversmiths, pewterers and cutlers, and in particular to serve the education and training needs of the industry.

 10.  Rapaport Diamond Report Rapaport Diamond Report Website  English  11,112 hits   United States 

The online diamond exchange and news center for consumers and members of the diamond trade.

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