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 1.  Anwerp Diamond Bourse (Beurs voor Diamanthandel) Anwerp Diamond Bourse (Beurs voor Diamanthandel) Website  English  4,979 hits   Belgium 

The Diamond Exchange Bourse, in Antwerp, has been the leading exchange facility for polished diamonds all over the world since 1904.

 2.  Borsa Diamanti d'Italia Borsa Diamanti d'Italia Website  English  Italian  2,021 hits   Italy 

The Borsa Diamanti d'Italia (B.d.I) is an association between traders and dealerss in diamonds and precious stones. It is affiliated in World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

 3.  Diamant Kring Diamant Kring Website  English  2,640 hits   Belgium 

Antwerpsche Diamantkring continues to constitute the backbone of the market for both gem and industrial quality rough diamonds and is the ultimate meeting place for buyers, sellers and brokers alike.

 4.  Diamond Dealers Club Diamond Dealers Club Website  English  2,171 hits   United States 

The Diamond Dealer's Club, the largest, oldest and most respected diamond bourse, has taken diamond trading to a new level of value, quality and convenience with our new Internet-based Trading, etc...

 5.  Gemsbrokers Gemsbrokers Website  French  English  Spanish  3,648 hits   Belgium 

Gemsbrokers shows you the way to the heart of the gems market. Find out how, and where, to buy yourself diamonds and gemstones, most of them seen for a first time on the market.

 6.  World Federation of Diamond Bourses World Federation of Diamond Bourses Website  English  2,597 hits   Belgium 

The WFDB was founded in 1947 to unite and to provide bourses trading in rough and polished diamonds and precious stones, with a common set of trading practice.


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