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Creation, transformation, repairing (26 links)

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 1.  African Fire African Fire Website  English  718 hits   United Kingdom 

Catalogue de bijoux en diamants. Les bénéfices des ventes sont ré-investis dans les pays producteurs de diamants par le biais d'une fondation.

 2.  Audéon - Durand Audéon - Durand Website  French  5,210 hits   France 

Design and creation of semi-precious gemstone jewelry.

 3.  Bijouterie Brouillette et Fils Bijouterie Brouillette et Fils Website  French  2,446 hits   Canada 

This jewellery propose you fine jewels, appraisal service and repairing of jewels.

 4.  Bijouterie Clermont Labrecque Bijouterie Clermont Labrecque Website  French  25,065 hits   Canada 

The Clermont Labrecque Jewellery, this is not only jewels, they are also services of appraisal, creation and repairs carried out by qualified people.

 5.  Bijouterie Crépier Bijouterie Crépier Website  French  1,701 hits   France 

French jeweller: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and watches.

 6.  Bijouterie Lepage Bijouterie Lepage Website  French  3,060 hits   France 

Clockmakers-jewellers since 4 generations they have 4 shops in France and they are specialists in diamond.

 7.  Bijouterie Maurel Bijouterie Maurel Website  French  English  2,112 hits   France 

This jewellery offers a range of beautifully orignial jewellery, made using the finest materials.

 8.  Bijouterie Moyne Bijouterie Moyne Website  French  1,912 hits   France 

This jewellery, creates, manufactures or transforms all your jewels. This jewellery it is also: repairing, restoration, engraving and appraising.

 9.  David Créateur David Créateur Website  French  Spanish  1,617 hits   France 

Gold and platinum jewelry using diamonds, ruby, sapphires, emeralds, pearls.

 10.  De Garo De Garo Website  French  English  1,562 hits   France 

Offer hight jewelry, contemporay jewelry, art deco style and old jewelry. Catalogue online.

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