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Partnership Offer

In order to extend its geographical presence, Info Diamond is looking for diamond cutters, wholesalers, dealers, jewellers (creators), in many countries and cities, for examples: in Japan, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Brasil, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, in all European countries, except for Belgium, France, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The candidates will have to be connected to the Internet and be ready to invest in this field.

They must have an office or showroom, preferably in the capital cities of their country, and to be ready to receive private customers.

They will have to be able to offer customers various services, such as the creation of jewelry, appraisal and repurchase of precious stones and jewelry, etc...

English language is essential.

The investment would range from $4,000.00 to $6,000.00 (depending if our website needs to be translated).

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