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Diamond Bourses

More than 20 diamond bourses (polished and rough) are the foundation of the diamond industry and trade.

4 diamond bourses are located to Antwerp (Belgium), near 50% of the polished diamonds is supplied by the belgium market.

The main diamond places in the world are: Antwerp, London, New York, Tel Aviv, Bombay, etc....

International Fairs

Around the world, there are some ten international exhibitions of precious stones, jewelry and watches. These are exclusive events, open only to professionals, at which commercial transactions are playing an increasingly important part.

They are also events at which we can take the pulse of the industry, check the health, vigor and growth of our business sector, etc.

A large portion of the global stock of certified diamonds is taken to these various trade fairs so that diamond merchants can exhibit and sell their stones to dealers and to manufacturing jewelers.

The principal international trade fairs and events are:

JCK : Las Vegas, USA

India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) : Bombay, Inde

Hong Kong International Jewellery Show : Hong Kong, Chine

Baselworld : Bâle, Suisse

VicenzaOro : Vicenza, Italie

Factors of influences

Fashion: the jewellery has a significant role in this field, the manufacture of a line of jewelry on a large scale changes the price of diamond.

The economic situation: when the economic situation is not very favorable, the customer will prefer to buy diamonds of a lower quality.

Gemological Certificate: with the appearance of gemological certificates, diamond is regarded as a financial investment.

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